What are you doing to me, Deeks?

Falling in love with you.

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1.  I had chocolate for breakfast but that’s okay because I got on the treadmill for five minutes.
2.  Cute guys are very cute.
3.  Dog has his happy pills.
4.  My playlist really needs updating.  Send me song suggestions?
5.  Cannot find my fanfic writing mojo.  Blame it on my English teacher who gave us one day to write four sheets of analysis of Siddhartha
6.  The world is crazy. 

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lovesaroundga replied to your post:

Really?! I’m sitting here and waiting for my first kiss and you were 7?! :D

LOL my first and ONLY kiss might I add :P!!! :D

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Blog I’m most jealous of: lovesaroundga or Beth’s
Best at making edits: kensideeks
Best artist:  Don’t really know any, but I’ve seen a few adorable sketches.  Just can’t remember who draws them :P
One who snags all of the best URLs: Idk, if this is asking me who I think has the best url it’s hands down nelliskinkyinbed.
14’s already been answered :)
Blogger who brightens up my dash: Eh.  You guys all collectively brighten up my dash, haha. 

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