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i could just to keep me procrastinating ;)

thanks for the offer :) but I should be okay.  got littlemartys to help out :) that doesn’t mean you have to stop procrastinating though!  

9 months ago
Anonymous whispered:
10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

Blog I’m most jealous of: lovesaroundga or Beth’s
Best at making edits: kensideeks
Best artist:  Don’t really know any, but I’ve seen a few adorable sketches.  Just can’t remember who draws them :P
One who snags all of the best URLs: Idk, if this is asking me who I think has the best url it’s hands down nelliskinkyinbed.
14’s already been answered :)
Blogger who brightens up my dash: Eh.  You guys all collectively brighten up my dash, haha. 

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