I’m trying to keep my fanfiction recommendations page up to date, so have you guys read any good fics that came out recently?

Day 10: favorite hug

"We’re going home."

Day 7: a major fail storyline


Day 2: Top “#actualLOL” Moment

You’re not getting this anyplace else, mama.”     

Day 4: Some Thing(s) You Wished Never Happened

End of Drive/The Frozen Lake/Raccoons Mate 4 Lyfe Scene

She’d never seen him so angry. Or frustrated. Or sad.

She wondered what he was seeing when he looked at her. His partner, or a stranger? The independent, steadfast woman that had left him or a pitiful victim?

"Deeks." She was trying not to cry with everything she had in her. She’d cried enough the past few days. It was time to recede into the person that Deeks had known before. And that woman didn’t cry. Not really.

He kneeled next to her. The look in his blue eyes was enough to move her to tears. Still she fought against the liquid that burned the back of her eyes, somehow managing to keep the tears at bay. “Kens…” His hand ghosted over her hairline before falling to her jaw, cupping the side of her face that wasn’t black and blue. With his touch accompanied memories of the last night they’d spent together, those very hands exploring her body, those fingers entwined with hers as they kissed, the callouses contrasted against the softness of his caresses. “Did he do this to you?”

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Day 1: favorite quote

"My partner is the person I care about most on this planet."      

Densi + Season 3 Promotional Pictures

D: “Are you back?”
K: “Sure looks like it.”

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