Tbh the best part of this episode was Kensi asking Hetty if she thought her and Deeks’ relationship was a game.  And Hetty denying the fact that she’s a puppet master, which we all know she actually is.  

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You have to stay here just a while longerokayI’m sorry.”

Kensi: You don’t think it was… 
Deeks: Not for a second.

it’s a cold and it’s a broken Hallelujah

"Agent Callen has sent us a photograph of Agent Blye that appears… as if she’s been killed.”

Thanks to iitsgrace for the proof!

Sometimes she can’t breathe.

There’s something squeezing at her windpipes. Something sinking in her gut. A lead weight. Dread. Panic. Snakes slithering into knots. She doesn’t know.

And it’s impossible to tell where she is. The beach’s sand reminds her of the desert.  The darkness of her room when she tries to sleep reminds her of the cave.  The scars that cover her body remind her what they did to her. Sometimes she finds her mind wandering miles away. Miles away, back to Afghanistan. Miles away, back to the Taliban. Back to Jack.

Every now and then she realizes that she should be hungry. Food holds no appeal. Sleep, on the other hand. Well. It’s strange how she’s simultaneously desperate for and terrified of sleep. She’s been getting her rest through catnaps ranging from ten minutes to two hours. It’s exhausting.

Deeks tries. He really does. But she understands how he felt after Sidorov. She doesn’t want to talk about it. She’s afraid that if she looks into his eyes she’ll break down like she did the last time. And she doesn’t want to cry anymore. Not in front of her partner. Not in front of anybody.

So when he calls her, she ignores him. When he shows up at her door she leaves it locked with the curtains drawn. Remembering how she felt when he refused to acknowledge her almost prompts her to open the door. Almost.

She decides to go back to work because she fears she’ll go insane if she’s left with her memories any longer. Hetty tells her she shouldn’t be in the field and sticks her in ops. She zones out a few times. She tries to ignore all of the staring. Deeks talks to her.

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“Three Hearts” - When an undercover NCIS agent is suspected of working for the smuggler he’s supposed to be investigating, the team takes him into custody to find his true intentions. Meanwhile, Kensi and Deeks discuss their personal relationship as Kensi returns to the field, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Tuesday, April 15 (9:00-10:01 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Daniel Henney guest stars as Paul Angelo, the undercover NCIS agent. (x)

"We’re going home."

"I think they (Deeks and Kensi) want to be together; I think they just need to find the right time and place to be together. But I definitely think they both want to." (x)
 ”I don’t think anybody understands them better than they understand each other — but that could also make for a wonderful friendship. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll become a couple.” (x)
- Daniela Ruah 

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