» A Fork in the Road [Chapter 3]


Characters: Marty Deeks, Kensi Blye, team
Pairings: Marty Deeks/Kensi Blye
Genre: AU, Romance
Rating: T
Status: WIP
Summary: AU from the end of Hand-to-Hand. What if Deeks had said no? Would they still end up in the same place if they’d taken a different path?

"Hey, Fern."

She glares, but the streaks of makeup tracking down her face take away the weight of it. “I hate that name.”

"Pretty sure you don’t."

She swipes her fingers under her eyes. “It’s the mascara.”

He bites back a smile and scrunches his nose. “Maybe a little.”

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"You were in a band?"

"I was the front man and lead guitarist."

"Sing something."

"No, I’m not gonna sing for you."

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Kensi & Deeks through the seasons 

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ncis los angeles + craigslist personals (insp. by x)

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Cast of NCIS Los Angeles - Eyes

inspired by (x)

"It makes you wonder if it’s even worth it, you know? Having kids."

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