The Box

The box was a metaphor for her heart.  So her opening her heart and giving it to Deeks was her basically handing him her “third heart” or whatever.  But Deeks had already rejected her by handing her the knife, which is another one of her metaphorical hearts?  Then wtf does the second box stand for in Kalstein's mind?  Another heart that should eventually be opened, or does it just reinforce what Kensi said the beginning of the box saga, that nothing could possibly live up to the hype that was the box, aka their relationship?  
BUT THEY ALREADY “OPENED” THE “BOX”?  When they banged?  And apparently it was okay because he’s skilled and they didn’t shoot each other down right after, so it lived up to expectations, right?  So is there something in the second box?  Or does it symbolize something else that I’m missing completely?

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She’s out

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What the fuck was that? This whole show is becoming a metaphor.

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It all makes sense now.

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Densi theory:


All Deeks has ever wanted is boxes.

He doesn’t love Kensi. He only likes her because she gives him boxes. If she ever stop giving him boxes, he’d lose interest in her and find some other partner to give him boxes.

When Deeks told Kensi he wanted to be at his place with her what he actually meant was he wanted to show her a really cool box he’d just got. They went back to his place. He showed her his third heart, the biggest, greatest and most impressive box there ever was. She was very impressed. She gave him a box in return. He enjoyed it immensely. 

They will get married in the future and have wedding boxes instead of wedding rings. One day she will give him a tiny little baby box. He will love it and raise it as his child. It might currently be inside the other dozens of boxes that I’m sure are inside ‘the box’. 

Densi is over. Deeks/boxes is the new ship. 

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Side note: Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how refreshing it was to see Kensi being the one who’s pushing their thing for once.

Respectfully disagree.  Kensi’s always been the one pushing it.  From “The Debt” - where he ran from her for all the right reasons, to the “never say what you really mean” conversations, Kensi’s been doing the pushing.

I fall somewhere in the middle…sure, she’s pushed sometimes in the past, but more often I feel like she’s been the one who’s clammed up and/or shut down and he’s been the one to keep moving things forward…with the exception of The Debt, I feel like previously she’s only pushed back when he’s already pushed her and she feels like she has to go on the defensive. In the past, her pushing has actually been a deflection tactic so she could keep her walls in place, I think. Tonight felt like the first time to me that she was actually really fully and completely at peace with the idea of pursuing their Thing.

[But I’m not a raccoon, so what do I know?]

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That’s it

I’m done

I’m not watching this show anymore

I’m just going to act it out at home


Alternate caption: “NCIS: LA Season 15”

Tbh the best part of this episode was Kensi asking Hetty if she thought her and Deeks’ relationship was a game.  And Hetty denying the fact that she’s a puppet master, which we all know she actually is.  

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